Public Liability

When you run a business, you can never be too careful. Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time and unfortunately, if action is taken against you the results can be devastating to you and your business. By choosing thorough cover for your legal liabilities, you are protecting yourself, your employees and your clients so that if a client does hurt themselves in your shop or office, all you have to worry about is getting them to the doctor.

You are vulnerable if any of the incidents below occurs:

  • A third party is injured as a result of your actions or property
  • Property owned by a third party is damaged as a result of your actions or property
  • A product that you make or sell causes injury to a third party or damage to their property


Accidents do happen…


At Burnett Insurance we understand that there are some situations you just can’t avoid – that’s why we offer our clients the best cover to suit their needs, not somebody else’s. Our specialist team will design a policy to protect you where you and your business are most exposed.

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